Police log

Jun. 20, 2013 @ 12:35 PM

Bad blood boils over at Anderson Park
CARRBORO – Carrboro police were called to Anderson Park Saturday afternoon after people called 911 to report that a man was blocking the exit of the park and was threatening people with a gun.
When police officers and a sheriff’s deputy arrived, they saw about 50 people of all ages at a covered picnic area, and people were shouting at each other, according to a police report.
Several people who called 911 described a man who allegedly had a gun and when police arrived they saw someone fitting that description standing near the edge of the parking lot, the report said. The officers began giving orders to the man to show his hands, which he initially ignored, but when officers approached him, he complied. The officers did not find a gun on him.
The man, identified as David Earl Ellis Jr., 23, had been released from prison in January after serving time for shooting and wounding a 16-year-old near the Lincoln Center in Chapel Hill in 2008 when he was 17.
Ellis was at Anderson Park and encountered a relative of the teen he shot, and the relative spat at Ellis, according to what witnesses told police. Ellis then told the people he was leaving to get a gun, the report said.
After he left, several relatives of Ellis arrived in cars, including his mother and sister, and people began shouting and yelling at each other, the report said.
Police did not find a gun on or near him, and they advised those who heard the threat how to go to the magistrate’s office and seek a warrant for communicating threats.
The people who reportedly heard the threat, however, did not want to speak to the officers, the report said.

Carrboro police find two inebriated men
CARRBORO – While police were investigating one intoxicated man’s claim that someone was going to shoot him, they found another intoxicated man hiding in the bushes.
Police found a man who had called 911 on Jones Ferry Road about 2:15 a.m. about a possible disturbance. They found an extremely intoxicated man who said “a bully” had brandished a handgun and threatened to shoot him. The officers looked for the man at the Ridgewood Apartments.
The man said the bully lived at Collins Crossing, and he wanted the officers to search every apartment for him, a police report said. The officers told the man they would not do that.
A couple officers checking a nearby parking lot found another man lying in the bushes and they brought him out for the first man to identify. He also appeared to be very intoxicated. At that point, the man who called police refused to cooperate with the officers any more and left, the report said.
The officers started walking the man from the bushes back to his apartment, but as they crossed Jones Ferry Road, the man stood in the middle of the street, “with his arms spread towards the sky and said, ‘I’m not going home. Take me to jail,’” the report said.
The officers then transported him to the Orange County Jail as a public inebriate.
No firearms were located.

Man tells police he’s too drunk to drive
CARRBORO – A police officer who was parked in a lot on North Greensboro last Sunday about 2:30 a.m. saw a man stumble through the parking lot, wander around a bit and get into a car, a police report said.
The man appeared to be impaired, and he got into a Toyota Camry and started to drive away. As the officer attempted to pull him over, the man drove in a circle and stopped, a police report said.
The officer approached the driver, who said, “I’ve had too much to drink. I’m too drunk to drive,” the police report said.
As the officer gave him field sobriety tests, he made a number of mistakes and had to put out his arms for balance, the report said.
The man quit the test saying, “I’m drunk,” the report said.
The officer charged Jeff Robert Rehnlund, 30, with driving while impaired and took him to the Orange County Jail, the report said.