Hooves to Heels for horse lovers

Jun. 12, 2014 @ 12:31 PM

In and around the Hillsborough area, horse farmers carve their niche and make a pastime part of their life and language.

For Michelle Pope, of Mebane and living in the Cedar Grove area, her appreciation for horses has not always been a lifetime pursuit. “I really only came to be around horses a few years ago, when I met my husband, and it is now the thing I love most,” Pope said.
An accounting major with a lot of experience in retail, Pope wanted to pursue business ownership as a way to carve her life and use her love of horses.
“I began thinking about all the things that horse lovers have and use and that eventually, like every other passion or hobby, there is a need to replace or trade-up,” Pope said. “I had the idea to establish an equestrian consignment shop, locally, for people to use to trade horse related tack and rider-wear.”
Eventually, Pope contacted the owner of Efland Farm & Garden, Peter Efland, who was already supplying local horse owners with feed and other essentials. “I explained my idea and he had some space that was not being used and the Hooves to Heels consignment shop, took foot,” Pope said.
Here, among bridles, saddles, reigns, stirrups and rider-wear, horse owners bring to Pope items they wish to sell. “Everything here is really nice. The gear and equipment is in great condition and it is certainly ready for the next horse owner to enjoy,” Pope said.
The shop opened two months ago and through word of mouth and through social media, the shop is receiving welcome attention from current horse owners. “I have a customer from Wake County that is very happy we have this idea as she had been looking for a place to sell some of her equipment,” Pope said.
Of her new business path and desire to carve her way with consignment horse equipment and gear, Pope expressed that this is certainly a labor of love.
“My family loves horses and I am so hopeful this provides me a way to blend quality horse related equipment with my love for horses,” Pope said.

Hooves to Heels
3423 Forrest Ave., Efland, North Carolina 27243

(919) 923-4643

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