Letters to the editor

Mar. 29, 2013 @ 11:41 AM

Fear of privatized recycling


I’m concerned about the future of Orange County’s recycling program. I’ve always been glad to live in a place with advanced recycling, and I’ve looked forward to new improvements (like commercial composting available to households and all plastics able to be recycled).

Now I fear that the County Commissioners will privatize our services. I don’t envision a private company working to divert new materials from landfills or educate the public; a private company’s goal would be to make money. I do not trust a non-local company to provide the top-notch service we get now, or to respond to customer needs. And I fear that if we move forward (selling the county infrastructure), we would not be able to go back if the new program were a failure.

I don’t understand why the commissioners would consider privatizing instead of simply finding a legal way to run the program already in place. There would not necessarily be any increase in fees for residents.

I hope the County Commissioners will choose a course that maintains our top-ranked county-run recycling program and allows room for it to keep growing.


Emily Buehler