Marcoplos seeks commissioners seat

Jan. 23, 2014 @ 11:31 AM

Mark Marcoplos has announced his candidacy for the District 2 Orange County commissioner seat running against incumbent Earl McKee.
The owner of Marcoplos Construction, Marcoplos has spent more than a decade serving Orange County in various boards, including the Orange County Planning Board, the Orange County Economic Development Commission the Orange Water and Sewer Authority board of directors.
Through his business and his service to the county, Marcoplos said he has seen firsthand the challenges some of his potential constituents face.
“Many of our neighbors need employment and business opportunities, public transportation, a living wage and affordable housing,” he said.
McKee recently announced that he will seek to remain in his seat this election. District 2 makes up the majority of the county and includes Hillsborough and Mebane. Whoever wins the race will represent District 2 with Commissioner Renee Price.
Education is one area where Marcoplos has interest, noting the role of successful school systems within the county in the overall health and future of children in the county.
“Our commissioners have always funded the systems to the best of their ability and our school boards have consistently instituted good school policy,” Marcoplos said. “I will continue in this tradition, while also looking for creative solutions to the anti-education policies that our state government is inflicting on us.”
Marcoplos also spoke highly of the board historically for its efforts to minimize financial burdens on citizens.
“We can take pride that through the years our commissioners have generally been on the same page when it comes to adopting an annual budget that reflects the economic realities of the time while meeting essential needs,” he said.
A small-business owner himself, Marcoplos said that he understands their role in the economy and plans to outline a proposal that will increase the visibility and success of area businesses.
“The true backbone of our economy is the hundreds of independent, local businesses that employ so many of our neighbors,” he said. “These enterprises are vested in the success of our communities and represent a strong part of our social fabric.”
Marcoplos also spoke against attempts to create a unified, comprehensive solid waste plan, calling for accountability among the board.
“Any commissioner who has served for more than the last two years bears some responsibility for avoiding dealing with this failure of 20 years and counting,” he said. “The commissioners haven’t done enough to address this issue, continually kicked the can down the road and now we’re wasting our solid waste seed money in fuel costs to send our trash to Durham.”
Filing for the May 6 election will begin at noon on Feb. 10 and continue through noon Feb. 28 for all offices except for Soil and Water Supervisor which will begin at noon on June 16 and end at noon on July 7.