Living her dream

May. 31, 2014 @ 12:33 PM

In Boone Square, just south of Hillsborough, near New Millennium Fitness and the Tennis Spot, on Boone Square Street, Tara Harper sews through her days as owner of Shekinah Wear.
Here, Harper offers custom sewing, alterations, embroidery, and also teaches sewing classes from beginning to the most advanced of sewing techniques. “I sewed my first item at the age of 9,” Harper said.
Originally from northern Orange County, Harper graduated from Orange High and then UNC-Greensboro, with a degree in fashion and design. She has spent most of her years working in the clothing textile and sewing business. “I had worked in a sewing shop and was allowed to teach classes,” Harper said. Eight years ago, Harper opened the shop, finally achieving her goal of owning her own sewing business.
In person, Harper exudes happiness. She has an obvious care for what she does for her customers. Her shop is adorned with all things sewing, and inspiration and labor of creativity abounds. “We can make custom-fit, only-for-one-person suits and clothes for anybody,” Harper said. Among her talents, Harper is versed in window treatments, curtains, and other household sewing needs.
She also has made many church-related items. “My faith is very important to me and I have always made prayer cloths, minister and choir robes and other items for churches,” Harper said. Her decision to name her shop Shekinah is based on the meaning of the word: “God’s glory revealed.” Throughout her profession, Harper she has been inspired by creativity and helping customers with their clothing and sewing needs.
Last summer, Harper accepted the task of making a wedding gown for a customer, with the main body and sleeves being constructed using pearls. “It was delicate work,” says Harper of the dress, “but we made the dress and she was a very excited bride.” Harper expresses great satisfaction in owning a sewing shop and not working for someone else. “This is what I have always wanted and I am so happy to be living this out, finally!” Harper said.
One can imagine what is must have been like for a 9-year-old, Harper to begin sewing, threading a needle for which she wanted to live.
Shekinah Wear is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment. The number is 919-732-4407.

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