Letters to the CHH editor, April 13

Apr. 12, 2014 @ 01:33 AM

Webster for sheriff

I am writing this letter to let the people of Orange County know why Keith Webster is the best man to be Orange County’s sheriff.  I have known Keith for many years and I cannot think of a more honest, hardworking and compassionate person.  Orange County needs someone to be fair and equal.  He is that person.

Keith has been in law enforcement for practically all of his adult life.  He has worked for the Orange County Sheriff's Department, the Hillsborough Police Department, and is at the Carrboro Police Department where he serves as a lieutenant in the Patrol Division.  Keith has served as a patrol officer, canine officer and trainer, investigations, narcotics officer, tactical teams and patrol supervision. His law enforcement knowledge is vast. 

Keith wants to bring the Orange County Sheriff's Department into the 21st century.  He will make sure that deputies are receiving the newest and highest-quality training, the latest equipment and the support they need to provide the kind of service and protection that we deserve.

Orange County is growing and changing.  We need a sheriff that has the knowledge and the ability to grow with it, a sheriff that goes out and listens to the needs of the citizens. Keith understands the unique populations of Orange County and he will work to make sure those needs are met.  Keith Webster is the right choice and needs your vote in the upcoming primary.

Thank you.

Mary Riggsbee Campbell

Chapel Hill  

Reject Glen Lennox plan

Glen Lennox is a historic, mixed-use development located off Raleigh Road and Fordham Boulevard. It has been seeking the approval to redevelop since 2008. The plans for this project call for the construction of new townhouses and duplexes, new two-story commercial spaces and new office spaces and parking lots.

The cons of the redevelopment clearly outweigh the pros that will take place. Therefore, in my and many others’ opinions, the project should not be approved by the Town Council.

There are multiple issues with this project. It could triple traffic in the area as it’s built over the next 20 years, creating an unneeded hassle for anyone living or going anywhere near that area. It could also potentially create more stormwater runoff, which especially is an issue considering the rapid flooding that has taken place recently in this area. Another big issue is the fact that some consider Glen Lennox a historic landmark because it has been around since the 1950s. In addition, these apartments are one of the few affordable housing units in the area that are safe and nice.

Currently, it is up to the Town Council to decide the fate of this issue, which could be easily solved by rejecting the project. I urge you to take action and do things like raise awareness, sign a petition to give to a Town Council member, or even attend the town hall meetings yourself to voice your opinion, and help stop the Glen Lennox redevelopment project.

Jane Williford

10th Grader, Woods Charter School

New energy, new ideas

I usually don’t go in for political things, but this year there is a fantastic person running for Orange County Commissioner.  Her name is Bonnie Hauser and she’s running on the Democratic ticket May 6.  It’s important to vote that day because this seat will be determined in the primary.  (There’s never been a Republican on this seat in Chapel Hill for as long as we can look back!)    

Before she considered being in politics, Bonnie’s done a lot for Orange County. She kept us from an unwanted airport and waste transfer station, she started Orange County Voice and worked in coalition to abolish the shameful landfill on Rogers Road. Bonnie is a great advocate for education, the environment, sustainability and public transportation. 

She’s been successful consulting in business settings and wants to prioritize spending towards necessary things like education and public transport and away from things like unnecessary building (She’s for brass tacks not brass plaques!). She’s against excessive taxation and all for using the taxes we pay in a better way. 

You might have seen her and her dog Charlie in the hospital where she goes to work with patients.  She and her mom, a holocaust survivor, also go to schools to educate children about the holocaust.

Bonnie’s challenging long-time incumbent Barry Jacobs with fresh ideas for the future.  I hope you agree that it’s time for new energy! 

Thanks for coming out to vote!

Gabriella Tal

Chapel Hill