Letters to the CHH editor, May 4

May. 03, 2014 @ 07:58 AM

Chaney for alderman

I wholeheartedly endorse Bethany Chaney for Carrboro Board of Alderman. I have known her well for years as  backyard neighbor, community activist, chair of the Carrboro Planning Board and overall fine person.

I am thrilled to live in a town where people actually run “for” issues vs. just running against something. Given Bethany's position on the Planning Board, she is already knowledgeable about key town issues and is set to go. She aspires toward diversity and will gladly serve all our citizens. She seeks out opinions of those who don't necessarily show up at meetings. She is a good listener, and a kind and compassionate person.

She has my vote -- I hope she has yours. Be sure to vote by May 6th, if not beforehand.

Melva Fager Okun


Why I support Bonnie Hauser

As a libertarian, I am happy to see Orange County citizens challenge the status quo. 

This election is about Orange County.  It is not about the tea party or the anti-tea party.  Attempts to label candidates with reactionary labels is an intentional attempt to avoid discussing Orange County issues. 

It is a local election about electing leaders who will allocate our limited resources responsibility.

Do we need a parking garage in Hillsborough that is 30 percent full?  I am sure this will be challenged but take the time and check it out.  Do we need to continue to build buildings with name plates, or  determine where we need to spend money to improve our county. 

This is a local election. As Orange County citizens we need to vote for candidates who will allocate our money responsibly.  We should not fall for diversionary labels.  We do not have unlimited resources, so let us elect someone who will challenge how our resources are spent.

This election is not about U. S. Rep. David Price, President Barack Obama or unsupported labels, it is about Orange County.

I support Bonnie Hauser because she has the proven ability and compassion to help our county allocate resources to meet real needs.  As citizens, it is time for us to challenge our elected leaders to show the results of their actions. 

Matthew Roberts


Hauser leader we need

Bonnie Hauser is a candidate for Orange County commissioner-at-large, and exactly the leader we need to help unite our urban, suburban, rural communities on things we cherish: education, environmental stewardship and quality services. 

Today, our four governments operate in isolation.  Bonnie’s work in emergency services (supported by Commissioner McKee and then-Commissioner Foushee) demonstrated that we all benefit when the towns and county professionals (not politicians) work together to plan solutions and share resources. 

Consider it has been two years since the county decided to close the landfill. Yet there have been no conversations on how to work together to reduce trash (and expense) using simple programs such as kitchen composting.    

Bonnie’s background in professional management and community leadership fits well with her can-do commitment to hard work and transparency.  Her skills are desperately needed over the business-as-usual perspective that relies almost exclusively on tax increases to solve problems and meet the challenges of the future.  She brings the right perspective to grow and diversify our tax base rather than continuing to erode it with more county offices and land acquisitions that do nothing to protect farms or water.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our leaders spent more time searching for better ways to serve all citizens?  “Them vs. us" on schools, libraries and other services have cost too much for too long.  Please cast your vote for Bonnie Hauser May 6 and let’s commission her to help get real cooperation and action on the pressing issues facing our communities.

Anne J. Montgomery