Letters to the Editor CHH, April 20

Apr. 16, 2014 @ 11:56 PM

Two promising new leaders
With extensive education and honors, eight years of military service, more than 22 years experience in local law enforcement and ongoing community organizing, David Caldwell has a solid experiential background to excel as Orange County Sheriff.  He adds to his background and organizational skills a visionary approach to law enforcement, empowering citizens through better communication and cultural understanding to reduce crime.  His strength of character, integrity and way of dealing with issues and people help everyone to work together.  David Caldwell is the strong leader we need as Orange County Sheriff.
I’ve worked personally with Bonnie Hauser through Orange County Voice – an organization that advocates for the often-unheard rural community.  We need commissioners who understand the rural area is not just a repository for unwanted city rubbish or reckless expansion, so that there is greater balance in decision-making with the towns.  Bonnie does her homework -- seeking the best solutions, not the easy ones.  She has been a true friend and ceaseless defender of the rural community.  I know she will bring that commitment to all of Orange County.  Please support Bonnie Hauser for Orange County Commissioner.

Virginia Leslie

Chapel Hill

Jacobs can do the job

To choose between friends in this year’s County Commissioners’ race, I identified the  one issue that could make or break the character and quality of life, the economy and the uniqueness of Orange County -- and that is farming, with its many related farming activities.

Barry Jacobs says “When the mills left Orange County in the 1800s, we had agriculture and the university.  This is our historic heritage, it’s who we are, it’s our destiny.” Our agricultural enterprises have grown since then, and Barry’s leadership and participation have earned us a well-deserved “progressive” reputation:  by being one of the first and most  successful  N.C. counties to purchase development rights  to preserve farmland and important natural areas; by establishing a multi-county processing center to help entrepreneurs develop and sell their food products, by using the Breeze Farm for instruction  in organic  farming with rental space available afterwards to grow crops, by building a covered farmers’ market on county land in Hillsborough.

This is a great stary, but major  expansion is needed now so our educational institutions

can spend their millions on Orange County’s local, sustainably grown, healthy foods instead of having to  import them from around the world.

An expanded farm economy of this magnitude requires experienced leadership and understanding of the complex legal issues involved, plus the creative ability to make it happen.

I think Barry Jacobs can do the job,

Marty Mandell