Letters to the editor

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

Gladin enlivens the topic

It has come to my attention that Susan Gladin has been writing columns for the Chapel Hill Herald for 15 years.  That is quite an accomplishment. 

I have not read all or even most of them, but I have been a consistent reader for the most recent half of her 15-year tenure for the column.  I took notice of Susan’s columns when I became associated with her at the Johnson Intern Program Inc., where she served as executive director and about which she wrote in a few of her columns. 

She enlivens the topic of each of her columns with excellent writing that enlivens the subject.  At those times that I disagree with her point of view, her gentle, humble and instructive style always makes me reexamine my own view of the matter (perhaps my own bias), and I come away better informed and with a broader appreciation of the point at hand.  

My compliments to The Chapel Hill Herald for making Susan Gladin’s essays available to its readers. 

Watson Bowes

Chapel Hill