Letters to the editor

Oct. 26, 2013 @ 07:57 AM

Vote for Amy Ryan

Amy Ryan is an inspiring candidate for the Chapel Hill Town Council.  Over the past year she has helped organize two citizen steering committees -- at Central West and at Obey Creek -- to help get informed and sensible input to the town planning process. 

Her belief is that the best planning involves citizens up front in making the decisions that shape the town.   She has more than 10 years of experience on town boards and commissions that focused on these issues.  Her beneficial influence toward achieving careful, moderate, sensible growth in scale with our community is much needed, and I urge you to support and vote for Amy Ryan for Chapel Hill Town Council. 

You couldn’t find a better candidate ready to work on the important issues now confronting Chapel Hill.                       

John Schmidt

Chapel Hill

Ryan deserves votes

Chapel Hill is facing planning decisions over the next several years that will shape (and potentially reshape) its future forever.

How can we build a tax base that provides the revenues to support the services and amenities we expect in Chapel Hill, without overwhelming the beauty and livability of the town with traffic congestion?

How do we create a thriving, entrepreneurial economy that is also integral to the spirit and history of this distinctive university community? 

Amy Ryan is one of the most thoughtful and constructive members of the Chapel Hill Planning Board, and would be an outstanding addition to Town Council.

Amy has been actively involved in the discussions about all the major development decisions now being considered around Chapel Hill – the Chapel Hill 2020 process, Ephesus-Fordham Boulevard, Central West, Obey Creek and others – and helped organize the broad-based public steering committees to guide two of them.

In all these discussions, Amy has provided a calm, consistent and constructive voice for strategic planning, for decisions based on information rather than preconceptions, and for listening to the voices of all members of the Chapel Hill community – businesses, residents, students and others – as our elected officials consider these critical choices.

Amy has 10 years’ experience on town planning and development boards, and a professional education in planning and design. She has demonstrated both her ability and her commitment to public service. Her website provides additional details (amyryan.org). She deserves the votes of all Chapel Hillians for election to Town Council.

Pete Andrews

Chapel Hill

Vote for Greene

Chapel Hill has one of the most admired local affordable housing initiatives in the United States.  A lot of credit for the development and oversight of these well-respected  programs goes to Councilwoman Sally Greene for her dedication to win community and council support for these initiatives.  Greene was elected to Chapel Hill Council in 2003 and 2007.  In 2011, Greene decided not to run for a third term.  
After her departure from council meetings in 2011, it was very evident to affordable housing advocates no then-elected council member had the depth of understanding of issues, or the advocacy for affordable housing initiatives as Greene displayed during her eight years as an elected councilwoman.  Luckily for housing advocates and the beneficiaries of her previous efforts, Greene was reappointed to Town Council in early 2013 on a 7-1 vote by other council members.
 This year Sally Greene has decided to run for a third term as councilwomen in Chapel Hill.  

If you are a Chapel Hill town-taxpaying-resident looking for a council person who will truly represent the need for new affordable housing initiatives and help oversee issues related to Chapel Hill's existing stock of affordable housing options, no one candidate can better represent your interests in this area than Sally Greene. 
Please consider joining me in voting for Sally Greene to Chapel Hill's Town Council for a third term.
Richard Leber
Chapel Hill