Letters to the CHH Editor, Feb. 23

Feb. 22, 2014 @ 08:52 AM

Arrogant action

I am a resident of Carrboro and not Chapel Hill. I do not agree with the Town Council's recent decision to cancel the Sister City affiliation with Saratov, Russia.

First, recent legislation about gay rights in the Russian Federation is national and bears no specific origin to Saratov. I know of no special events in this city against gays. The fact that the mayor of Saratov did not reply to the letter from Chapel Hill is immaterial, as again it is a national matter. The mayor saying that he was concerned about traveling to Russia (?) because of his orientation is ludicrous; witness Billy Jean King's planned trip this week and Elton John's frequent visits to the Russian Federation.

I in no way agree with the new laws in Russia. But history teaches us that a policy of engagement bears the most fruit. At the end of the day, at best I regard the decision of the Town Council as an arrogant action, possibly self-serving, and with no other positive result.

Mark Hopper