The Chapel Hill Herald: Editorial

Jan. 31, 2015 @ 10:33 PM

Finding money for state courts should be priority

North Carolina's court system is limping along without enough money. The result is long delays for hearings, evidence that sits untested at crime labs and jobs that can't be filled.

Jan. 21, 2015 @ 12:22 AM

Taxes' low blows

State legislators opened their 2015 session saying they want to ease the tax burden on "regular folks."

That will be a turnaround. "Regular folks" -- those who earn moderate incomes or less -- pay a larger share of their incomes in state and local taxes than do the very wealthy in North Carolina.

Jan. 17, 2015 @ 06:37 PM

Virtual done deal

Last year, the legislature directed the State Board of Education to approve a pilot program allowing two virtual charter schools to operate for four years. Two applied.

What a deal. Millions of taxpayer dollars will be spent on a risky educational experiment that has met with mixed reviews in other states.

Jan. 10, 2015 @ 05:13 PM

Playing with taxes

Taxes continue to come down in North Carolina, and so do state revenues. According to leaders in Raleigh, this is driving an economic comeback.

Jan. 03, 2015 @ 09:44 AM

One more college ranking won't help

The federal government's goal to make colleges more affordable -- and hold them accountable for graduates' success in the labor market -- is a worthy ambition, but the proposal outlined last month may hurt more than help.

Dec. 27, 2014 @ 08:08 PM

Give local leaders more say in coal-ash cleanup

The more officials in Lee and Chatham counties hear about Duke Energy's plans to relocate coal ash waste to old clay-mining sites in the area, the more worried they've become.

Dec. 10, 2014 @ 11:13 AM

Bring death records into this century

In the year 2014, there is no excuse for North Carolina's system for recording deaths to be stuck in the past.

Dec. 06, 2014 @ 05:00 PM

Mandate unfunded, and worth it

If the review of Common Core standards ordered by the state legislature is a waste of time, at least it's not costing any money.

The Academic Standards Review Commission was authorized to hire consultants "to the extent that funds are available," but no funds were appropriated.

Nov. 29, 2014 @ 04:15 PM

Vigilance critical on job incentives

Chances are good that the next automaker to come along dangling plans for a new factory will get a wallet-popping incentives offer from North Carolina.

Nov. 18, 2014 @ 10:59 PM

Valuing teachers

During the campaign, while candidates were busy tossing around numbers about the North Carolina school budget and claiming to be champions of education, more teachers were packing up and leaving the state — or leaving the profession entirely. Now that the election is over, it's time for our legislators to get serious about supporting education.

Nov. 18, 2014 @ 10:41 PM

Twelve reasons we should be thankful

There are an infinite number of things we can be thankful for.  We can forget them when times are rough.  Here are some of the things we can be thankful for.

Nov. 15, 2014 @ 05:47 PM

Where to now for McCrory?

Dear Gov. McCrory,

We recognize that your reelection campaign, like that of most politicians, started the day after you were elected in 2012. Now it ramps up in earnest, with the midterms behind us and the next two years a blank canvas.

Nov. 08, 2014 @ 03:19 PM

UNCG's fine mess of its own making

UNCG's aggressive, shock-and-awe response to alleged freelance work on company time by three former employees is looking clumsier and curiouser by the minute.

Oct. 25, 2014 @ 07:09 PM

Army retooling may focus on preventing war

Anyone wondering what the Army's future looks like got a good preview recently at a discussion during the Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington.

Oct. 14, 2014 @ 10:24 PM

The lesson of the Ebola outbreak

Just six months ago, the director of the National Institutes of Health warned that a decade of budget stresses was causing the NIH to reject half the worthwhile research proposals it received. Scientific progress was in jeopardy, Francis Collins told the USA Today editorial board. Researchers were considering leaving the U.S. for careers overseas.