Vicki Wentz: Can you really handle the truth?

May. 04, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

Remember, although I adore making you chuckle, I occasionally must rant! Like today, I – and multitudes of others like me – would like to know when, in this country, it became prohibited to speak the truth, for fear of “offending” someone? When did it become wrong, somehow, to state facts? When did it develop that making judgments branded one as “judgmental”?
I know no one would ever have been staggered at another’s “insensitivity” in speaking what was true, or common sense, during my youth and young-adulthood – but, I wish I could point to the exact moment, and context, when it became an “astonishing” and “insensitive” thing to do.
For example: The overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks in this country in modern time have been committed by Muslim extremists. This is simply FACT. This does not mean that all Muslims are extremists, or that all Muslims are terrorists. That should go without saying. See how that works?
(This is basic logic, a class I took freshman year at Kenyon College: i.e., all babies are borne by women; that doesn’t mean all women can have babies, or will have babies. What it means is what it says: when you’re lookin’ at a baby, odds are it was delivered by a woman.)
And, when you’re looking at the aftermath of a terrorist attack – i.e., the Boston Marathon bombing – chances are it was delivered by Islamic extremists, as a result of their psycho jihad mentality. Yes, I said Islamic extremist. Yes, I said psycho, and I said jihad, and I implied mental illness. My question is, why would someone be aghast at hearing this statement? Why in the name of all that is sane, would anyone object to – or be offended by – hearing a FACT? You might as well be insulted to hear that water is wet.
If an overwhelming number of terrorist attacks had been committed by, say, Italians, or Catholics, or middle-aged curly-haired teachers (ICMACHTs), and someone had the nerve actually to say so, would I be offended? Hell, no! I’d expect to be “profiled” (oh, no she DIDN’T just say the P-word!) every time I turn around – and I’d be happy about it. I’d be profiling these people myself. In fact, I’d be out there loudly condemning the women giving women like me a bad name every chance I got.
And, if we ICMACHTs had some kind of training camp or jihad school (besides faculty meetings, where we honor and glorify summer) where there were “trainers” trying to recruit our children into this terrorist mentality, do you think for one second that I would get all up in somebody’s face for saying so? Not on your pea-pickin’ life! I’d be thrilled. I’d be sending him/her a Hallmark e-card.
Now, having digested this common sense (assuming y’all are more intelligent than offended) I’m inclined to present a few more truths. They may shake you up a little, but think of it as a form of “total immersion.” If you feel dizzy, nauseous or sweaty, just go to your happy place.
TRUTH: Lindsay Lohan is drunk (or high) on Lindsay Lohan, and needs to be put in a playpen.
TRUTH: No one is “entitled” to the money I earn except me; no one “deserves” anything handed to him, except possibly the very young, the very sick, and those with severe mental illness.
TRUTH: This administration, AND OTHERS, have spent our money (most of which they weren’t “entitled” to in the first place – see above) like drunken sailors for years, and will kill – or are in the process of killing – our freedoms, our way of life, and our country, if we don’t stop them now.
TRUTH: Carrying a Bible in your backpack on school property is NOT threatening civilization as we know it; carrying a condom in your backpack (so you can be ready for pleasant, impromptu, non-judgmental, no-strings sex) COULD be.
TRUTH: We should direct children not to have sex until they’re MARRIED, rather than until they’re “ready,” or “in love” – kids don’t know the first thing about either.
TRUTH: The Constitution is our founding document, it is not “living”; it cannot breathe, it is not malleable, it is not up for “interpretation” by anyone but a judge; it can, however, be legally amended.
TRUTH: It is a complete waste and insult to taxpayer money, time and intelligence, to treat all airline passengers as potential terrorists instead of concentrating on those who are most likely to BE terrorists.
TRUTH: No matter how sweet or sad or desperate, a person who sneaks into our country illegally is in our country illegally, and should therefore be regarded as doing something “illegal.” What we DO about that is another question.
TRUTH: Being allowed to walk free after murdering or raping someone, because of a legal “technicality” is NOT justice.
TRUTH: Spelling does count.
Vicki Wentz is a local writer, teacher and speaker. Readers may contact her at, or visit her website,