Watching the girls can be rrrufff!

Jul. 05, 2013 @ 03:47 PM

Dear Jessie: Welcome to our home and thank you again so much for watching the “girls” while I’m at the beach this week! I think you’ll have an easy time, because they really are so sweet and low maintenance! There’s really not much to tell you about taking care of them, but I wrote down a few notes just in case, no big deal, whenever you get around to it:

WALKING: Usually, I get up and dressed, etc., maybe start the coffee, and then take them for their morning walk, down to the brown house if I can make it that far without an aneurysm. I’m sure you can make it, being young and energetic, much like I was before life beat me down. 
Before you come in, please wipe off their feet with one of the towels on the rack in the garage!
Then, they’ll need their afternoon walk -- up to the horses, or across the street, or just a good walk through the woods, if you don’t mind ticks, coyotes and possible rattlesnakes, who knows
Then, whenever you go to bed, please let them outside and tell them to “be good girls” or “be a good girl,” so they’ll hurry up and “go” sometime before sunrise.
FEEDING: Food is in the laundry room closet in two plastic bins -- each one has a little green cup inside. Give Kasey a full cup of the food in the bottom bin, and Gabby a little, then vice-versa with the upper bin. Then, please give them each ONE squirt from that bottle on the kitchen counter, which is sort of a doggy fish oil -- yuck -- but ONLY at breakfast. 
Gabby won’t eat if you’re not with her, so I put her bowl under the kitchen table while I’m having my own breakfast.  They should eat while you do, but if they don’t, they’ll get to it when they want it, normally when you’re already in bed and they want the lights turned back on so they can see their food.
**After breakfast, please give Kasey her medicine - 1/2 Carprofen, 1/2 Tramadol, and 1/2 Famotidine. Use a Pill Pal to smush the pills into -- and give Gabby a tiny piece, so it’s fair!  They eat dinner around 5:30-6, but a little later is fine. Gabby won’t eat alone in the kitchen, so if you feed them and want to go to a different room, take her bowl with you! 
**At your bedtime Kasey should have her Tramadol again -- same dose!  (This is also a good time to take your own pills, if you take any ... and you will.)
NIGHT TIME: Be sure the doors and windows are closed and locked, although I never worry ... (there’s a pistol in the lettuce drawer in an orange-flowered cosmetic case; the bullets are in the cookie jar).
Gabby will want to sleep with you at the end of your bed. She won’t bother you, unless she jumps down for water during the night and then growls to get back up and you’ll have to get out of bed and lift her back up. 
And occasionally, Kasey will bark in the middle of the night to go out. She obviously has to go, but sometimes she also wanders and explores! Just call her sternly, and she should respond ... or not ... (maybe just bring your pillow down to the couch and wait for Her Highness to return, which is my usual drill). 
I’m used to having fan noise during the night, because it helps the girls not hear animals and burglars outside and start barking and wake you up.  The little fan in your room does well. 
1. Whenever you leave the house, PLEASE leave the TV on Animal Planet for the dogs, and some lights on if it’s dark or rainy. They each get two treats (in boxes, Milkbones, little squares, but NOT Crunchy Stix). Just say, “I’ll be right back!”, and Gabby will run under the kitchen table -- toss hers under there; and, Kasey will go to the middle of the living room for hers. Just keep repeating, “I’ll be right back!” as you leave, and they’ll be fine.
2. At some point each evening, Gabby will go to Kasey’s bowl and start barking. Just pour a little of Kasey’s leftover food onto a paper towel next to her bowl, and Gabby will eat it. 
3. Between 7:30 and 8, Gabby will start barking again -- hence her name -- either in her bed or under the kitchen table. This means it’s time for their nightly Crunchy Stix, which are in the pantry, and no matter what they tell you, they only get one!
Sooo, thanks again, Jessie, and have fun! (The liquor cabinet is unlocked.)

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