We must not hide from feelings of loneliness

Aug. 03, 2013 @ 05:04 PM

Do you ever feel way down deep inside a loneliness that makes no sense? 

Here speaks a question deep, deep, deep. 

I bow my head; a dark cloud doth creep 

Across the sky. Yet I will not weep. 

For within my heart, a transcendence I keep. 

Yes, the darkness is real. It comes from all: 

The past so distant, remembering our fall. 

Yet behind the cloud, there shines a beam 

Everlasting, from the original dream. 

It shines forever. Know that it is there: 

Bright around the edges, sparkling the air. 

The cloud will move on! And again and again; true. 

Over again, darkness, then stronger light for you. 

So smile, even in the midst of it 

Loneliness is contrast that deepens our love; 

That which abounds below and above.  

       *            *            * 

Here is way to deal with loneliness. When it comes, do not try to avoid or ignore it. Find a quiet place, sit down and welcome it. 

"Hello, loneliness. Here I am. You have found me. I sense your presence. Hello. Yes, you are real. Yes, I know you well. And you know me. Come. Let's talk. What is your message to me? What are you really saying. I will be quiet and listen to you." 

" . . . . . . . Yes, now I hear your message. I honor you and I honor the message. You have blessed me, for now this knowledge has given me wisdom. From this wisdom comes strength. Now you may leave. Goodby. 

When loneliness comes to you become quiet and face it. 

Notice it. Where does it reside? The brain? The belly? The heart? 

How does it feel? Examine the feeling. How big is it? Is it soft? Hard? Does it have rough edges? Does it pulsate? Does it move or stay still? 

And if you are ready, go another step. Where does it come from? What is the source? 

Loneliness comes from circumstances, such as a hurricane or the death of a family member, close friend, or pet. 

It also comes as the natural opposite of spiritual bliss. It comes from the meeting of the spiritual self with the denseness of this world. The cruelty of this world. 

It comes from a feeling of separation from God. It comes from the lingering doubt that there is no God, that there is nothing after death. 

Lest you think this is a sad message, remember, we must face it all. We must not hide from this, because feelings are real.  

And when we have faced it, truly faced, it; this period of loneliness can be followed by a slowly dawning smile. And the smile is wider each time we face these feelings. 

From a feeling of intense loneliness comes the certain, everlasting, and profound feeling of love.  Love surrounds us like a soft blanket. A blanket that stretches from the center of our soul to the end of the universe. And beyond. 

Are you breathing? Smiling? And smiling again? 

Stanley Peele is a retired judge.