Durham brewery owners to partner on new Main St. restaurant, bar

Jul. 17, 2013 @ 06:40 PM

Where the doors to one West Main Street bar have closed, the partners behind the Durham brewery Triangle Brewing Co. plan to open a window.

They’re partnering to open a restaurant and bar called Triangle Pint and Plate that would serve primarily Triangle Brewing Co. beer in the space at 802 W. Main St. that previously housed the bar The Roxy.
The bar, which was located near Brightleaf Square, closed Saturday after about two years of operations. Previously, that location had housed the Down Under Pub.
For Rick Tufts, a partner in Triangle Brewing Co., the new restaurant is a chance for his production-only brewery to have a taproom.
If all goes as planned, it will be one of two new Triangle Brewing co. taprooms to open this year.
“We get calls frequently for people asking if we have a taproom at the brewery, and currently we don’t, so to be able to have a retail outlet that people can go and try all of our beers will help us and will drive more business to Main Street,” he said.
Triangle Brewing Co. is currently making beer in leased space at 918 Pearl St. in Durham to sell in grocery stores and other locations.
Soon, the owners are planning to buy larger space in a warehouse at 812 Mallard St. where they plan to move and expand their brewing operations.
In addition, they’re also planning to open a 1,800-square-foot taproom at the new location.
Tufts said they haven’t closed on the purchase of 22,000 square feet of warehouse space yet, but are still working toward that goal. They’re targeting the opening at that location for November.
But he said they may delay the opening of the taproom on Mallard Street to see how Triangle Pint and Plate is doing first. He said the brewery-focused restaurant is planned to be more upscale
“(Triangle Pint and Plate will be) a little more upscale than, most likely, our taproom at the brewery, which is going to have more of an industrial feel,” he said.
The Main Street restaurant and bar is planned to have about 12 different beers on tap, he said, mostly devoted to Triangle Brewing Co. beer. They also plan to have bottles and cans of beer from other North Carolina breweries, as well as some wine and liquor.
They’re planning to serve lunch and dinner, with the food “a little higher end than bar food,” Tufts said. The menu is still being developed.
He said the plan is to renovate the seating area to accommodate diners and to the kitchen. He said they’re planning to change some of the exterior awning and add a sign.
“We thought it would be very good for use the community to have a stronger presence on Main Street; we really want to be part of the downtown revitalization,” he said.