Frontier announces Durham market upgrades

Jan. 13, 2014 @ 06:01 PM

Frontier Communications says upgrades in the Durham market will allow for Internet speeds of up to 25 megabits a second for more than 50,000 homes and businesses.

According to an email from spokeswoman Karen Miller, Frontier has invested more than $10 million to increase Internet speeds in the Durham market in the past 15 months. The company acquired Verizon’s telephone and broadband Internet business in North Carolina and in 13 other states in 2010.

Ninety-four percent of the company’s coverage area in the Durham market can now receive its standard 6-megabit-a-second service, according to a news release, and nearly 50 percent of those customers can receive its enhanced 12- and 25-megabits-a-second services.

The most recent upgrades for 22,000 households were completed in the fourth quarter of 2013, Miller said in an email.

Recent upgrades were completed in the Brier Creek area, the Sherron Road/ Route 70 area including the Brightleaf, Ashton Hall, Brier Creek and Ravenstone communities, as well as the Pope, Farrington and Fayetteville Road areas, the release states.

Miller said the company charges $29.99 for basic Internet for up to 6 megabits a second without the bundling of other services, $39.99 for up to 12 megabits a second, and $49.99 for up to 25 megabits a second.

Frontier Vice President and General Manager Dennis Bloss said in the release that Frontier plans to continue to invest in Durham in 2014 and in the future to expandits offerings and increase speeds.  

Miller said investments are needed as households are using more Internet-connected devices.

 “With more and more households connecting additional devices to the Internet, the need for more throughput is growing quickly,” she said in an email. “Just a few short years ago, most families had just one computer connected to the Internet. Today, a typical family of four may have as many as six or seven devices connected.”