BASF plans show additional RTP office expansion

Apr. 14, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

The German chemical company BASF is preparing for a possible additional expansion in the Research Triangle Park, where it has employees working for its crop protection business as well as at its plant science global headquarters.
The company has about 760 full-time employees here. They work for the company’s crop protection division, which produces insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, as well as for plant science, which is working on genetic traits that can improve the yields of corn, wheat, soybeans, canola and cotton.
The company filed development plans with Durham City-County Planning for the addition of a 139,644-square-foot office building called the “G wing addition” and a 7,920-square-foot maintenance building.
That would be in addition to the company’s existing approximately 400,000-square-foot facility that it has on 125 acres on Davis Drive in the park.
In addition, BASF also has employees in office buildings on Meridian Parkway in Durham and on Paramount Parkway in Morrisville, said Fran Rowland, global brand communications senior manager at BASF Plant Science.
Rowland said the new development plans were filed for the Davis Drive site for long-range planning purposes in case the company needs to expand its crop protection or plant science divisions.
“BASF is investigating options to accommodate future growth over a long-term planning horizon,” Rowland said in an email. “So this submission is exploratory in nature and is standard procedure for us to submit these types of approvals early as part of our long-term planning.”
The company already has an expansion underway in the park. BASF announced in February of last year a $33 million investment in approximately 80,000 square feet of new office, laboratory and greenhouse space.
The expansion, slated to be completed this year, was planned to support company plant biotechnology and insect control research.
The RTP site is BASF’s North American headquarters for its crop protection division, and was more recently established as the global headquarters for plant science. The site was established here in 1986.
Rowland said Plant Science has it executive management team here, as well as people working in regulatory and field development, project management, communications, finance, human resources and research.