Hot Tin Roof eyeing June opening

May. 16, 2013 @ 12:22 PM

New Hillsborough bar planned, food truck changes proposed: Renovations are underway in a space in downtown Hillsborough where a new bar called Hot Tin Roof is targeted to open at the end of June.
The bar is slated to open at 115 W. Margaret Lane in a space that previously housed Hillsborough Plumbing Co., which has moved to another location.
Mark Bateman, one of the owners of the planned bar, said the owners have tried to retain as much of the original design of the building as possible.
Bateman said the building was once a warehouse for a general merchandise store before it housed plumbing supplies.
“The whole building is tin – even the roof,” Bateman said. “It’s just gray tin, but there’s an awning out from that that I painted bright red to give it the name Hot Tin Roof. We want it to look like a dive without being a dive.”
He said they’re planning to have TVs indoors, outdoor seating, and a range of beer, wine and liquor. He described a planned atmosphere of “red neck elegance” for the bar where patrons could order a Pabst Blue Ribbon brand of beer or a glass of scotch.
He said they want patrons to be able to order food from food trucks, so they requested a change to town ordinance to allow food trucks to operate on private property in the Historic District.
Currently, food trucks are allowed to operate by permit on private property in commercially-zoned areas outside the Historic District, said Hillsborough Planning Director Margaret Hauth, as well as by permit for special events.
While food trucks have operated in the town for special events, none of the 10 food truck permits that can be issued annually for regular operations have been issued, Hauth said.
A public hearing has been set for the Hillsborough Town Board’s June 10 regular meeting regarding the proposal.

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