Funcom details restructuring

Jan. 29, 2013 @ 10:16 AM

The Norway-based game development company Funcom announced Friday that the development team that’s moving to the company’s studio in Durham will focus on expanding three existing games and providing support to their players.
Funcom gave an update on Friday on the restructuring that was announced following the release of the company’s online multiplayer game “The Secret World” last year. As part of the restructuring, the company said there was a staff reduction at certain departments in Durham. In addition, the company is setting up a team here that will provide support for three existing games.
The company is now planning to focus on developing smaller online games with limited budgets and shorter production timelines, while also providing support and service for its three existing online multiplayer online games: “The Secret World,” “Age of Conan,” and “Anarchy Online.”
Funcom said it’s setting up a team at its Durham studio whose primary responsibility will be to expand and enhance additional content for those games, and to provide support for the players of them.
Erling Ellingsen, director of communications for Funcom, had said in a previous email that the company was planning to move game development staff from the company’s studio in Montreal to the Durham studio.
In a statement in a news release, Funcom CEO Ole Schreiner said the team here has previously only housed billing/tools, community, customer services, operations, and quality assurance staff.
“By bringing the developers on our live games to (Durham) it allows us to build a stronger, more unified team that can service and support our online games as they work to expand these worlds and create new experiences for the players who inhabit them,” Schreiner said.
The company also announced Friday that there was a staff reduction at the Durham studio in certain departments.
There will be a reduction in the workers in Montreal who are not relocated to the Durham studio, which is located in Sutton Station off of Fayetteville Road, and of those who are not part of the team working on the mobile and tablet projects.
Funcom is also closing its Beijing studio, which was focused primarily on creating art and animation for “The Secret World,” which was released last year and was the company’s largest online multiplayer game.
The team in Durham is expected to be equipped with resources to be able to produce “visual assets” for updates to the three live games.
Ellingsen said in an email on Friday that the company can’t comment on the numbers of employees at each location at this time.