Downsizing likely here for Duke Corporate Education, according to CEO

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 10:42 PM

Duke Corporate Education, a nonprofit support corporation for Duke University that provides custom education for business executives, will need to reshape its workforce to allow for a new global footprint, its chief executive said in an email.
Mike Canning, CEO of Durham-based Duke Corporate Education, said in an email that the nonprofit is planning investments and expansions in Asia and Africa this year to take advantage of “significant” expected growth in those markets.
“Like many businesses these days, we need to take steps to realign our workforce with our new global footprint,” he said in the email. “As we add business, positions and people in these new regions of the world and become a more global business, we need to reshape our work force in the USA and Europe.”
Canning said the nonprofit has about 130 employees. In addition to offices in the United States, he said they also have offices in London, South Africa, and India.
He said they’re likely opening an office in Southeast Asia, likely in Singapore. He said business in Africa and parts of Asia have been growing faster than in the United States.
“In general, we just need to make sure we align, and have our people and resources close to where the work is,” he said. “And so for some period of time, we’ve been handling some of that work in some of those areas from the U.S., or we’ve sent expatriates from the U.S. into those offices.”
Canning said in the email that staff was told leaders are working through a realignment process. He said changes are expected to be announced in the next couple of weeks. There is likely to be a downsizing here, he said.
But he said in the email that it’s not appropriate to detail specific information about that realignment before releasing that information to staff.