Architects, designers to meet for RTP design summit

May. 30, 2013 @ 06:46 PM

Architects and designers are arriving today in the Research Triangle Park for a summit convened to help generate design ideas and input for the redevelopment of the 7,000-acre business park.

Park leaders are looking to make the park more attractive to the next generation of workers. In September 2010, park leaders announced the selection of a firm to lead a process to create a new master plan for the park.

Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina leaders unveiled the new master plan in November. It includes three clusters of higher density development. One planned cluster on the Durham County side has proposed residential and retail development.

This weekend, a group of architects and others were selected to participate in a design summit called “RTP: Designing the Future.”

The list of participants includes Peter Bohlin, a principal at the firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson that has offices in Pennsylvania, San Francisco and Seattle, and James Carpenter, president of New York-based James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.

The list also includes Steven Litt, an art and architecture critic from the Cleveland, Ohio,-based newspaper The Plain Dealer, and Petra Kempf, an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

Bob Geolas, president and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina, the group that manages the business park, said park leaders wanted thoughts and input about the park’s design. He said they want the design and architecture of its redevelopment efforts to be “really sound and very forward-thinking.”

“We want a kind of overall … thought about the future of the park that looks at our redeveloped areas, that looks at the overall feel of the park from signs, lighting, the whole nature of it,” he said.

Park leaders have helped to designate a design committee to help with the redevelopment project. The committee chairman is Tallman Trask, Duke University’s executive vice president. Other members include Larry Wheeler, director of the N.C. Museum of Art, and N.C. State University College of Design Dean Marvin J. Malecha.