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Sep. 04, 2013 @ 05:36 PM

Windsor Circle raises money primarily for hiring

DURHAM – Downtown Durham-based marketing technology company Windsor Circle has raised $650,000 primarily for hiring more staff.
In total, the company has raised $2 million from investors, according to CEO Matt Williamson. The company also has the option of raising an additional $350,000 in the latest fundraising round.
“I’m proud of my team for having earned the trust and continued investment of the skilled investors that see Windsor Circle as a way to drive significant returns,” Williamson said in an email, adding that he believes the company raised the money in a down economy and in a market that doesn’t have the access to venture capital that start-ups do around San Francisco, New York City, or Boston.
The company has developed software to help online vendors directly market to customers. It’s designed to connect online retailers’ e-commerce data to software that can send email advertisements directly to those customers, as well as to offer detailed information to the business about those customers.
Williamson declined to detail specifics about the company’s growth plans, but did say that Windsor Circle now has more than 100 customers. He said the company’s growing at a rate of nearly 400 percent year over year.
The company has 12 employees, he said, is likely to hire three to six more people in the next few months.