Business briefs

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 07:08 PM

IBM’s U.S. job cuts expected Feb. 26
DURHAM – IBM Corp. is expected to make cuts to its U.S. and Canadian workforces starting on Feb. 26, according to an employee advocacy organization that wants union bargaining rights with the company.
Alliance@IBM is reporting that job cuts have already started in other countries, including India, as well as in countries in Europe and in South America.
The largest cuts so far have been in India, according to Lee Conrad, national coordinator for Alliance@IBM, in an email, and the hardest hit business unit has been the Systems Technology Group. He said they’ve also gotten reports of cuts to the IBM India Software Group.
“As reported in our recent earnings briefing, IBM continues to rebalance its workforce to meet the changing requirements of its clients, and to pioneer new, high-value segments of the IT industry,” said Doug Shelton, a spokesman for IBM, in an email. “To that end, IBM is positioning itself to lead in areas such as cloud, analytics, and cognitive computing and investing in these priority areas.”
Shelton also said that IBM’s total workforce has remained stable over the past three years, and IBM now employs more than 400,000 people worldwide.

N.C. tech job openings down to two-year low

RALEIGH – Technology job openings fell 7 percent month-over-month to 3,000 openings in January, the lowest in two years, according to a N.C. Technology Association report.
That’s according to the “IT Jobs Trend Report” prepared for the association by Henning Seip with SkillProof.