Autopsy: Mangum's boyfriend stabbed once in chest

Nov. 19, 2013 @ 12:53 PM

The medical examiner who did the autopsy on murder defendant Crystal Mangum's boyfriend testified Tuesday that he died of a single stab wound to his chest.

Dr. Clay Nichols, under questioning by defense attorney Daniel Meier, said the victim, 46-year-old Reginald Daye, might have survived if complications hadn't arisen at Duke University Hospital, where he was treated after the April 2011 stabbing.

Mangum is charged with first-degree murder in Daye's death.

Nichols, who was fired from his job earlier this fall and was being investigated by the SBI in connection with a case unrelated to Mangum's, said the autopsy showed Daye was stabbed in the left chest, that his left lung was pierced and other organs were damaged. He said the knife wound was two to three inches deep. Nichols was cleared of wrongdoing last week after the SBI report was completed, and has asked for his job back.

Jurors saw a slide of Daye's damaged lung, but Nichols said he had no photos of the other damaged organs.

Meier asked if Daye's internal injuries might have been caused in the hospital by a tube inserted into his chest. Nichols said his records showed that no chest tube was inserted on the left side.

Mangum has pleaded not guilty to the stabbing, claiming she stabbed Daye in self-defense and was a victim of domestic violence.

The defense has raised the question of whether complications Daye suffered in the hospital, and not the stab wound, caused his death.

In other testimony Tuesday, Lt. Marianne Bond of the Durham Police Department said she found broken glass in Daye's apartment after the stabbing. She also saw a serrated knife with a red stain on a couch and a knife blade sticking out of the couch.

Bond also reporting seeing knives on the kitchen counter and a knife handle on the floor. She said a bathroom door had a hole in it and had been brken off its frame. In a bedroom, she saw multiple knives on the floor and blood on the hallway and the couch's armrest.

Durham police officer Officer Joy Narowski testified that when she did a follow investigation, she found what appeared to be blood beside a mat outside Daye's apartment and on a nearby stairwell.