Top 30 Highest Paid DPS Employees in October 2013*

Nov. 29, 2013 @ 05:39 PM

Dr. Eric Becoats, superintendent, $215,844.36
Stacey Wilson-Norman, former area superintendent for elementary schools recently promoted to new deputy superintendent for academic services, $154,000.08
Hugh Osteen, chief operations officer, $153,000.00
Theresa Mozingo, assistant superintendent, accountability, $147,217.68
James Key, assistant superintendent, high school curriculum and instruction, $136,255.68
Lela Hester, chief human resource officer, $134,191.20
David Hawks, principal, $131,052.00
John  Colclough, principal, $129,828.00
Deborah Pitman, area superintendent, elementary curriculum and instruction, $129,204.00
Joel County, principal, $129,153.60
William Logan, principal, $125,000.16
Aaron Beaulieu, chief financial officer, $122,997.96
Teresa Daye, curriculum instruction and assessment officer, $120,898.56
Kenneth Barnes, principal, $120,000.00
Rick Lemke, principal, $118,248.00
Jerome Leathers, principal, $117,000.00
Kristen Bell, executive director of exception children’s programs, $116,820.00
Elizabeth Shearer, executive director leadership development, $114,492.00
Barbara Parker, principal, $114,084.00
Julie Spencer, area superintendent for middle school curriculum and instruction, $113,546.28
Paul LeSieur, executive director - budget and management services, $ 113,344.08
Marcia Pearson, chief communication officer, $113,000.04
Melissa Hall, principal, $111,132.84
Lorna Tobias, principal, $112,116.00
Scott Denton, executive director - auxiliary service, $109,620.84
Sandra Bates, principal, $108,660.00
Margaret Henderson, director magnet schools, $106,320.00
Star Sampson, principal, $101,808.00
Larry McDonald, director - K-12 PE/Health, $100,526.40
Danny Gilfort, principal, $98,404.00

*The list is based on employee's monthly salary.