Feb. 17, 2014 @ 09:45 PM

”Older generations of Core Sound boat builders used memory and experience rather than plans or blueprints to guide their hands, and there are some that still do. The local expression for this kind of intuitive boatbuilding is “by the rack o’ the eye.” They went into local forest to cut trees for their boats -- often old-growth Longleaf Pine for the keel, knees, and frames, and Atlantic white cedar (locally called "juniper") for the planking. They built the boat under a tree in their backyard and enlisted neighbors and friends to help them roll it into the water when they were done. An exaggerated claim is that you could take a boy from Harkers Island to New York City for a decade or so and when he returned he could build a wooden skiff without a plan.”

-- From “The Workboats of Core Sound: Stories and Photographs of a Changing World”